Food and Grocery Delivery Options

The following is a list of companies that are delivering food and groceries in Belgrade during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Anyone needing to find a Serbian translator in a medical emergency should look at this list of BFVC language volunteers..

BFVC Serbian Language Volunteers

Last updated on Friday 17th April at 11.30am.

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Wolt (Curfew Exempt)

Visit Wolt

Donesi (Curfew Exempt)

Visit Donesi

Kabinet (Alcohol)

Visit Kabinet

TIM 99 (Alcohol)

Visit TIM 99

Zebrew Craft Beers (Alcohol)

Visit Zebrew Craft Beers

Podrum Wine Art (Alcohol)

Visit Podrum Wine Art

Konoba Tata Mata(Food & Alcohol)

Visit Konoba Tata Mata


VDFKXMM - Referal code which will give you 250 RSD off your first order. (Unconfirmed).

Will also do Pharmacy deliveries. (Unconfirmed).

Visit Glovo


Visit Vegessence

Moja pijaca

Visit Moja pijaca

Cold Press

Visit Cold Press

Domace Kiflice

Visit Domace Kiflice

Ambrela organic

Visit Ambrela organic

Fabrica BG

Visit Fabrica BG

Ferdinand Knedle

Visit Ferdinand Knedle

Big Pizza

Visit Big Pizza

Fat Boys

Visit Fat Boys

BeGe Vege

Visit BeGe Vege

Buddha Bar

Visit Buddha Bar

Coffee Dream

Visit Coffee Dream

Fit Bar

Visit FitBar

Luff Gelato

Visit Luff Gelato

Amici Pizzeria

Deliver to local neighbourhood only.

Visit Amici Pizzeria

Vranic Organic

Visit Vranic Organic

Verde mercatot

Visit Verde mercato


Visit Maxi


Visit Idea

Arum Horeca

Visit Arum Horeca

Pocetna strana

Visit Pocetna strana


ESENSA is a company which produces dietary supplements, medical devices and cosmetics.

Visit Esensa

Norteño Mexican Street Tacos

Visit Norteño Mexican Street Tacos


Visit Gladni